Setting goals with #ROW80 and #Nano to boot
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This week I joined a great author Facebook group which was the brainstorm of Kait Nolan. As Kait says on her site she sees a better model for goal setting as those that work for each individual instead of everyone being lumped into winners/losers in the 50k Nano. She came up with a four part/per year weekly goal setting group. We make a weekly goal on Sunday, update on Wednesdays and Sundays.

I coincidentally started the week of Nano so my goals for November will be the same overall as for Nano. 3000/day average. There’s supposed to be a brief vacation in there somewhere so we’ll see how this turns out. But here goes. This week my goal was 15,000 from Tuesday through Saturday. Tuesday I wrote  2887 on what i’m thinking as Come Back to Me or something that fits Beau and Maddy’s story.  That’s about 4500 so far for my Wednesday check-in but I finished with 8520 or thereabouts for the first three days.

tub-bubblesI wasn’t having much luck with the book I was writing during October. So I decided to start on a new book that’s connected to my Larue series for Nano. It’s needs to be written and should have been next anyway. I write in Scrivener but this week that’s been a struggle. Yeah, I know it’s word count but it’s a mess. I’m a pantser and since I didn’t have a vision for the beginning everything else was going in circles. So today, Thursday I went back to my tried and true
method, what my friend calls my Muse Pool, I climbed in the tub and the writing flowed.


So I guess until I get a good bit written I’ll be handwriting the story and then, since Dragon for Mac and Mac dictation don’t seem to work for me I’ll have to take time to stop and transcribe the handwritten into scrivener. I tried dictating my handwritten last time but my editor said, “Did you read some of this in?” Not.

But hey, whatever works is what you have to do.  Thanks, Kait, for inspiring me to stop dilly-dallying and get to work.

Report: As of Sunday morning, 21,000 more or less


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