What’s in your DNA? #asmsg #football #Thanksgiving
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I love football. Does it come from my Daddy dragging me to Redskins Stadium and the University of Maryland for games or did I fall in love with this exciting team sport for some other reason? I’ve always joked that Redskins was in my genes and there’s no way you’d find me routing for, watching or enjoying a Cowboys game.  So what happened?

It started when I moved to Louisiana but it wasn’t until after Katrina when the Saints made their miraculous inspirational rnosaintsun and lifted the state that I became a Saint/Redskins fan despite the disappointing years since, nothing changed until I became more of a college football fan. In the last five years I’ve routed for college players like Tyrone Mathieu, Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, Derek Henry and most recently Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott as they grow into
maturity in the NFL. Suddenly, and maybe it’s because I’m a writer and we love character development, I became more player focused rather than team. With the draft last year I cheered for Derek when he was chosen by the Titans along with Demarco Murray who’d been stupidly traded by Dallas and abused by the Eagles (are you seeing a theme here?) I begged Dak and Zeke to go anywhere but Dallas. Of course they had no choice. And the Cowboys didn’t know what a special player they had in Dak. You know, four round pick and this wishing they could pick someone else.

Today I find myself yelling, “How bout them Cowboys!” and my friend’s husband a long time Cowboy fan is suspicious. Now, let me be clear! I’m not routing for THE Cowboys, Jerry Jones, or any of their ruffians that are currently suspended but… I love Dak… his dedication, steadiness, the way he’s overcome the heartbreaks in his past and flourished. I want men like these, men of integrity, underdogs in a way, overlooked for the flashier more extroverted prospect, to succeed.

So what happened to my DNA? Is my love of football hereditary like my love of driving handed down from dear ol dad or not?

In my new release, Take These Broken Wings, Jack Lang thinks the only thing he got from his father was his inclination to go into the Navy and his take charge tendencies. Little does he know… sometimes it takes a lifetime for things to unfold and sometimes we never get the answers but it’s fun to wonder.

And um, Go Titans, Saints, Dak and Zeke!! This Thanksgiving I’ll be out in the open routing not for the Redskins, but for Dallas. Somehow it just feels right.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. In November I always remember that I’m grateful for our veterans and their families. And to the medical community who continues to try to find a cure for breast cancer.

PS Merry Christmas, Baby is still on sale until the end of the month and all sales go to veterans charities. One of the ones on my Military resources page.

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