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Psst! with a week left in Nano I’m offering a couple tips for getting off the giant word count train and moving to a more comfortable pace.

Spreadsheets.  A simple one like this where you brainstorm realistically what you can accomplish in your busier and slower months. What’s your minimum you can absolutely accomplish. What word count would you like to achieve above that? How much will that add up to in a month, a year? Here’s a sample of one I set up a couple years ago.


390,000 a year is several books! Of course you have to adjust and plan for editing too.

If you want to write consistently and think you can do upwards of 750 words a day there’s a great site, http://750words.com where you can input your words online and even track some other facet of your life, how much you sleep, drink, run… for instance you could put Treadmill: 30 for thirty minutes and you’d see a chart of that progress at the end of the month as well. There are some nice charts and tracking details and once the thirty days is up it’s just a $5 donation per month. Small price to pay if it helps you. Just think, 750/day is 22,500 a months or 270,000 a year. That’s several books a year or a series of novellas.

Another site where you can document you word count and connect with others is http://writetrack.davidsgale.com Create a challenge, find friends.

Or MyWriteClub.com “Write in your browser. Work alongside your friends. Watch everyone’s word counts, live.” Yes, it works.

The point is to find what works for you for your particular situation. Do you work half the year and write the other half? Work part-time, full time and write between customers, lol? You CAN do this.

Think about it!

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