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Title: Ridge (Men of Honor, book 1)

Author: Livia Quinn

Genre: Military Romance, Contemporary Romance


Book Blurb:

He’s “the one” but will his mission cost him everything? even love.


Billionaire ex-soldier and CEO, Ridge Romano’s mission is to improve the lives of wounded veterans. With the big vote on his veterans bill coming up before Congress soon, how had he ended up on stage between two cover models with a hundred women shouting, “Take it off, Tucker!”? That’s the question his family and friends would be asking tomorrow. That, and “Who’s Tucker?” If he could only slip away without repercussions.


Buffy Calloway’s face and body were recognizable worldwide but the ‘face’ she’s looking for is the face of her franchise. Interviewing cover models at the D.C. conference, she finds ‘her man’. Tucker – the late arrival – has the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that will make her talent agency and photography studio an immediate success.


The Calloways have always known what they wanted and Buffy knows he’s ‘the one’. There’s just one problem. Ridge laughs at the notion of himself as a cover model. He has more important priorities. Who is Buffy to argue with such a noble cause, but she’s determined to show Ridge he’s underestimated the influence of a vast romance community.


Could this be the first time a Calloway was wrong?


The Review by NN Light for Ridge…

Ridge Romano is in the fight of his life on Capitol Hill. He’s using every resource he has to make sure a bill passes in order to give money and healthcare to veterans. Everyone is depending on him and he has to overcome insurmountable odds. One brief encounter with a beautiful redhead changes everything.


Buffy has left the modelling world behind (as well as her Lana persona) and she’s determined to make her talent/cover model photography studio a hit. She has the contacts and ability to make it a success. All she needs is a face, a male cover model to be more precise, and her company will be a success. She sees Ridge up on stage and knows in her gut he’s the one (in more ways than she can count). She’s got that Calloway curl and that can only mean one thing: love. Will Ridge let go of the past and be her first knight or will she lose him forever?


I loved everything about this book from the chemistry between Ridge and Buffy to the details about veterans to breaking down the barriers about the romance industry. Quinn has a love for the military and it comes across in her writing. This military romance has substance, truth and depth… no fluff here. The romance blossoms between these two in a realistic way and there are certain obstacles they must overcome. Will they? I won’t give it away but I will tell you I was completely satisfied when I read the last words.


If you’re looking for a good romance with dashes of humor, military and living out your dreams, pick up this book! There’s one surprise that will endear you to Buffy, as it did me. Another gem by Livia Quinn!


Favorite Character: Buffy. She’s not what I expected and that made me lover her more. She’s a beautiful retired supermodel yet she’s so down-to-earth. She’s a big family person and she’s striking out on her own. With each obstacle, she keeps the faith and does whatever it takes to see her dream come true. I admire her and I’d love to be friends with her.


Favorite Quote:

Then she watched with an impending sense of doom as her mother put a hand on Ridge’s shoulder and said, “Might as well buy the ring, dear. When a Calloway tells you, you’re the one, it’s like that old saying, “If I tell you the moon is made of green cheese, get your crackers.” She nodded, yep.


My Rating:  5 stars

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