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Title: Blood Moon from the Moonlight Magic anthology

Author: Livia Quinn

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Book Blurb:

There’s a new supe in Destiny. She sauntered into the Moat of Morpheus — a redheaded violet-eyed warrior carrying a giant head-splitter of a sword and wielding it with magic. Her name was Cinder. River felt an immediate attraction as well as a lifting of the despair that had been his only companion for months. But it was short lived.

She was there to kill a dragonhunter and accused River of hiding the truth about him. Turns out, she was right. River had a secret and his own reasons for remaining quiet. If he couldn’t break free of the villain’s control, there would be devastating consequences for his family and ultimately, the Paramortals.

After his sister and the dragon sheriff go missing, River and Cinder join forces. But history has a way of coming full circle and echoes from their past bring a shattering revelation about their Paramortal family and the dragonhunter’s true identity, the full disclosure neither could have anticipated. Can they forgive the past to overcome their common enemy or will the news tear their relationship and the Paramortals apart forever?

My Review:

It’s almost Halloween and strange things are happening in Destiny. Tempe can’t seem to keep her emotions in check and you better bring your umbrella because that means storms are imminent. River is drinking away at the bar when in walks a gorgeous sword-wielding goddess looking for a dragonhunter. The gloom eating at River’s soul is lifted when Cinder’s around. Could she be the key to his redemption or has his master come calling for the last time?

Cinder is Conor’s little sister and her calling as a dragonhunter’s assassin is put in jeopardy when she falters in killing the hooded man known as Styx. She consults Conor and after consulting the Fae King and Queen, Conor goes through the portal in search of an ancient dragon druid for answers. What he discovers will shake the foundation of all the Paramortals in Destiny and beyond. Enemies must join forces in order to defeat Styx or all will be lost, including Tempe and Sheriff Jack Lang. Will they defeat Styx or is this the end of Destiny and its inhabitants?

There’s a lot going on in this book and while I wish I could share the juicy bits and jaw-dropping reveals, I won’t due to my strict NO SPOILERS policy. Let me just say that you’ve got to read this book, especially if you’re a fan of paranormal romance. Quinn does an excellent job filling in details, so it can be read as a standalone novel.

This is Livia Quinn’s best book to date for one simple reason: her ability to balance action, suspense, romance and all things paranormal while revealing only enough to keep the reader glued to the story. Brilliant and exciting. A few twists and turns caused me to gasp a few times. The ending made me cry but in a good way. A must-read and highly-recommend!

Favorite Character/Quote: Cinder. I loved her passion for life and a female dragon is so sexy. She’s a bundle of sultriness, loves fiercely and is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with her enemy. Brave doesn’t even begin to describe her and I loved reading her story.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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