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Yay! I enjoyed this review by @NN_P_Light of Blame it on the Moon. This book was so scary and difficult to write. My readers had been waiting for it and I didn’t want to let them down so I wanted to share this great review with you!


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Genre: Paranormal Romance, Southern Urban Fantasy


Book Blurb:

It’s the height of the Para-moon and Sheriff Jack Lang is up to his ‘6’ in alligators. Defending those weaker than himself is in his DNA which is what drove him to become a Navy pilot. But who is he kidding? Alligators he could handle! Supernatural bad guys, well…


With Tempe and the other Paramortals ill or incapacitated and the sudden appearance of beings he’s never heard of, will Jack be able to keep Destiny out of the hands of their enemies for the rest of the power down? After all, it’s only twenty-four hours.


If worse comes to worse, he has a dragon on his side and a few surprises up his sleeve. “Yippe, ki, yi…” But a lot can happen in twenty-four hours and things don’t always go as planned.


NNLight’s Review:

I love the Storm Lake West series and was so excited to read this installment. There’s a lot going on and Jack is in over his head. Paramortals are ill and/or dying, big bad supernatural being are coming out of the woodwork and Jack’s thinking it couldn’t get any worse. Wrong! His girlfriend’s estranged mother sweeps into town and the tension goes into overdrive when she “accidentally” makes things worse.

Jack needs all the help he can get so he calls on his fellow Navy pilot and current deputy, Ryan, along with an old friend. Suddenly, things are looking up for Jack and his crew of misfits. He’s got a one-man army in Conor (also a dragon) and just when things are looking good, all hell unleashes. Will Jack defend the defenseless Paramortals or will it be too much for him to handle?

As a gal who loves big bads and people who kick total ass, I loved this book! The creatures, plot twists, added tension and storylines helped to make this an incredible book but it was the battle scenes and poignant descriptions that sealed the deal. As I read, my heart pounded and it was like I was watching a movie. The action was intense and I was worried my favorite characters might die. I white-knuckled my Kindle the whole time. The ending was satisfactory and there was a gasping moment at the end I didn’t see coming.

I can’t wait to read the next installment in the Storm Lake West series and I’m totally addicted to these characters!!!


Favorite Character: My favorite character in this story has got to be Conor. I loved the softness of this Warrior/Dragon in the midst of pure chaos. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a warrior through and through but he has a compassionate side that made me love him. Plus, he’s got that deep Scottish accent that I can hear whenever I read a scene with him in it. * swoons *


Favorite Quote:

“Aye, mon,” the deep Scottish voice said over Ryan’s shoulder. “He is a talking dragon.”


Ryan whirled, the rifle leveled at Conor’s now powerful human chest, but he didn’t shoot. I watched as Ryan’s chin rose and his eyes narrowed assessing the warrior with the gleaming swords on his back, the massive muscular frame, the steady amber gaze. There were still some dragon parts that hadn’t yet humanized.


My Rating:  5+ stars


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