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I’m thrilled to welcome my friend David Wind to Livia’s Ramblings to talk about his new release, A Better Place to Be which is available today!

Livia: Hi, David. I loved Harry Chapin and am halfway through this marvelous book. Tell us about yourself.

David: By way of introduction, my name is David Wind and I am a writer. I live in Boynton Beach, Florida, with my wife Bonnie and our sub-standard poodle, Alfie. If you want to know what a sub-standard poodle is, email me. My first novel was published in 1981, by Gallen Books. Since then, I have written 39 more novels, the newest, A Better Place To Be, will be released on 12/1/2017.

Admittedly, I am not your average writer; one who picks a niche genre and writes almost exclusively within the genre. I like to write stories that appeal to me, which means I cross genres frequently. I have written Thrillers, Mysteries, Suspense novels, Romances, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Contemporary Fiction. It has always been the story that drives me, and I don’t pigeon hole myself by trying to “adapt” a story to a genre, rather, I let the story itself dictate the genre it falls within.

My latest book is a great example because it is far from my usual sci-fi, mystery, or suspense novel. It is a novel that falls within the literary category of Contemporary Fiction, and the novel is based on a song. Yes, you read correctly, I wrote the book based on the Harry Chapin song, A Better Place To Be.

Many people have asked me why I wrote a novel based on a song. The answer is simple: I’ve been listening to that song since the 70’s, and always wondered about the story behind it. I have been a Harry Chapin fan since the first time I stepped into a concert hall and watched him perform. But, the first time I heard A Better Place To Be, it absolutely fascinated me. It was both sad and hopeful and, to me, the song was the end of a story, not just the story itself. The more I listened to the song, the more I felt the need to write the full backstory. But it was another factor that pushed me to finally write— a family tragedy. And, shortly after the tragedy, I heard the song on the radio, and knew I personally had to find a better place to be.

Another question I’ve gotten from early reviewers was about the cover. One of the reviewers emailed me to say the cover was absolutely perfect, and ask who designed it.

Scott Weinberg is the graphic artist, and Scott and I worked very closely to come up with the right cover. We both agreed it should have the look and feel of a magazine graphic rather than a slickly done contemporary cover, and discussed creating something in the style of the New Yorker, or New York Magazine. What the artist came up with, after I showed him the two verses of the song I wanted to base the cover on, was absolutely perfect. Not a photo looking cover, nor a cartoonish cover, but one reminiscent of a piece of hand drawn art, almost like an individual piece of 20th century publishing Americana. I think the cover is spot on! And it says so much more than any slick phrasing ever could.

The story itself is about a man who suffers a tragic loss, and how after he falls to the lowest point of life, begins to battle back with the help of a special person. To say more would just put spoilers in the way. Perhaps the best explanation for the novel, is to use the book’s description itself.

A Better Place To Be: Based on the Harry Chapin Song. See excerpt below.

A story about life, though perhaps not the one you would choose to live.
Inspired by the characters from the Harry Chapin song of the same name, ‘A Better Place To Be’ is a story of love, loss, and the ability to overcome the worst that life can throw at someone and come out the other side.


“I am the midnight watchman down at Miller’s Tool and Die.

And I watch the metal rusting, and I watch the time go by.

A week ago at the diner I stopped to get a bite.

And this here lovely lady she sat two seats from my right.

And Lord, Lord, Lord she was alright.


Present day, Long Island, May 19th

The ten-year-old Honda Accord turned off the road and into the parking lot of the Eastern Shore Diner. The driver rolled to a stop three spaces from the entrance to the diner and looked into the windows of the chrome and turquoise landmark on Long Island’s South Shore.

The driver, on what was supposed to be the first of his two nights off as the night watchman at Miller’s Tool and Die, was looking forward to dinner. He was still hoping to get a little fishing in tomorrow, before starting his Tuesday through Saturday shifts. Working the midnight shift was, at times, hard, but then, he had no better place to be.

Today’s day off hadn’t worked out as planned. The watchman, Peter, who had the early shift, had called in sick, and he’d come in to handle the man’s shift. He shrugged and reached to turn off the ignition, but paused when the News Radio 88 weatherman began the forecast.

‘The unusual May heat wave continues; tonight, we’ll see temperatures in the mid-seventies, but tomorrow, May twentieth, the sky will be cloudless again and you can expect temps in the mid to upper-nineties as the front continues to stall over…’

The announcer’s voice faded with the realization of tomorrow’s date, May twentieth. He stared through the window, seeing not the diner, but himself, reflected in the windshield—not himself as he was today, but a glimmer of who he had been a dozen years earlier. Tomorrow was his twenty-second wedding anniversary…would have been, he corrected himself with the knowledge that the stranger staring back at him bore no resemblance to who he was now.


Thank you for joining me on this blog, and if you would like to learn more about me, and my books, please visit my website at

For those who are interested in reading ‘A Better Place To Be: Based on the Harry Chapin Song’, it is available in all eBook formats, from most of the worlds’ online retailers, and in Paperback from both online retailers or at your local bookstore.

Livia: David is a prolific writer. Follow him on Amazon and his Facebook page to see the latest.

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    That is a very different story to The Tales of Nevaeh, which I enjoyed reading, btw. However, I do like to move away from my usual reads sometimes and will give this one a try. Good luck, David.

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  2. This sounds good – I’m looking forward to reading it!

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    • Thanks, Bronwyn, I look forward to hearing how you liked it.

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  3. Thank you, Dale, I hope you get to read this one. And I appreciate your kind words on my Tales Of Nevaeh series.

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