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Remember that TV show with Anne Hecht and Scott Elrod – Men in Trees? That’s where I first saw the actorwho inspired Cass. You may recognize him as Joe Clark from a soap opera, Dr. Thorpe from Grey’s Anatomy or from his new role on Chicago Fire.

The first time I met Cass, he appeared out of the blue as I drove down the winding two lane bordered by two hundred-year-old Live Oaks. The abandoned white concrete building sat directly in front of me. As I approached and turned my blinker on, he became oh, so clear. Cass McKay.

An Aussie hunk, his straw hat tipped over his forehead, but not so much that I couldn’t see the brilliant blue flame of his eyes. Arms crossed over his chest, the evening sun skimmed the golden fur of his arms, and his legs below his khakis. He leaned against the wall, waiting, waiting… for me? No, because he wasn’t at the old country store in front of me. In my mind, he was resting on the wall of his beloved’s New Orleans design and antiquities store.


He probably thought he was pulling off the casual bit, but I knew better. I knew his heart. It had been a year since he’d lost Elektra and the set of his jaw told me he was determined to win her back. If the loss of her valuable gem had been the reason for their broken engagement, then he had the perfect bait. The Blood Opal was once more within his reach. All he needed was someone to nudge her back into his arms. Me.


I’d been running the mail all morning listening to Jesse Cook’s Breathing Below Surfaceand Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make you Love me if You Don’t and suddenly, there he was. In a little over two weeks their story was complete.

Cass will forever be one of my favorite heroes. Who doesn’t love seeing a strong, handsome, independent alpha male brought to his knees by the woman he loves?


Cass may have looked all cocky and alpha propped against Elektra’s shop, but he was risking everything. Before meeting Elektra his plan had been to stay out of the “grasping clutches” of any woman, no matter how beautiful, how accommodating or how intriguing they might be. Elektra was beautiful, and intriguing didn’t even begin to describe her appeal – the word challenge did. Cass had always been up for a good challenge. After all, once the challenge was completed, the race won, the appeal was over, right? Wrong. This was the woman he’d risk his life for, no regrets. He’s 200% in for her love, because without her, he’s Undone.

Genre: Contemporary Romance


One year ago, Antiquities dealer Elektra Charpentier lost the rarest opal she’d ever almost owned, and the only man she’d ever loved. Now he’s back.

Aussie gem hunter Cass McKay spent the last year searching for Elektra’s Blood Opal and a way back into her life and her heart. Now he has it. And he doesn’t intend to lose her again, because without her,

he’s — U n d o n e.




One a.m. found the bar deserted as Cass threw back a shot of Cachaca, the strong native rum, and quickly poured another. They were as prepared as they could be with eight college-age men, two older men, a part time cop, three women, Monty and him.

His emotions were running the gamut from anticipation to worry, hope to despair. In the days since he’d returned and the opal was within reach, Elektra had become companionable, even flirtatious, but he realized now her heart was only engaged during their lovemaking. She seemed determined to keep him at a distance.

He downed the rum but as Elektra approached he set the shot glass down gently, deliberately on the table.

She was dressed in a flowered calf length skirt and a gypsy peasant blouse she must have borrowed from Elena. Pretty, so pretty. He was torn. When he’d returned originally, he’d been sure that all he’d have to do was get the opal, and she’d be so grateful she’d throw herself into his arms. But gratitude was underrated, and she was already in his arms, using him for great sex while she awaited delivery of the opal. Cass couldn’t settle for gratitude.

“Hoist with my own petard,” he thought. An ache settled in his chest as he admitted the truth, finally. He kept waiting for her to take what he offered, to meet him halfway, commit to a relationship. But it was no use— all she wanted was the opal.

He picked up the bottle.

“Pour me one will you?” Elektra said as she sat in the chair next to him and extended her glass.

Pouring them both one, he waited while she tossed the strong liquor back, squeezed her eyes closed for a second and extended her glass. “More.” His eyebrows inched up. She appeared to be on a mission and needed a couple stiff ones to accomplish it.

“Better go easy, if you want to tag along tomorrow.” He squinted at her, wondering what she was up to.

“I can handle it if you can,” she said, the plump swells of her breasts delineated by the gathered bodice. Sex, that’s all she wanted. His anger flared and he snapped. He’d teach her a lesson, show her he wasn’t her plaything.

He grabbed her wrist and yanked her after him. “Hey.” She half-heartedly resisted as he strode down the hallway. “I had something I wanted to talk to you about.”

Yanking the door open to their room, he threw her on the bed. “Don’t play games with me, I’m not in the mood.”

“I can see that, so why bring me here? You were on your way to a good drunk.”

“And what are you afraid of—that I’ll be too hung over to get your damned opal? That’s all you care about anyway. You’re driving me stark ravin’ bonkers.”

“Well, you’re the one who insisted on finding the frickin’ thing again, so why don’t you just forget it? Who’s pushing you? Let Vargas keep it.” Her voice hitched.

Right, Cass thought. She didn’t want him to do that. What was this, reverse psychology? He growled, capturing her wrists in one hand. His mouth came down in a hard possessive kiss.

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