For love and country. . . 

The Men of Honor heroes are part of a large extended military family and encompasses themes of family, love, and their passion for making a difference. Descriptions of the series include contemporary romance, military romance, romantic suspense and second chance at love.

He’s “the one” and everyone knows it but him… but will his mission come at too great a cost?

Ridge Romano, billionaire CEO and former Army Ranger is on a mission to see quality care for veterans delivered swiftly with the newest medical advances under one umbrella. With such an important task how did he wind up on stage between two cover models with a hundred women shouting, “Tucker, take it off”? That’s the question his family and friends would be asking tomorrow. That, and “Who’s Tucker?” Hopefully, he’ll be able to escape without any repercussions.

Buffy Calloway was famous on the runways of Paris as Lana Maisel, but now she’s looking for one special man to be the face of her franchise. At a writers conference, she discovers Tucker, a late arrival with just the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that will make her agency a success. The Calloways have always known what they want, and Buffy knows Ridge is ‘the one’ for her. There’s just one problem—Ridge scoffs at the notion of himself as a cover model, and Buffy can’t argue with his noble cause. She’ll have to enlist the entire romance community to make her plan work. But could this be the first time a Calloway was wrong?

NOTE: This book was previously published as Her First Knight

Readers on Ridge’s story . .

“I have to say this is one of the best written stories I’ve read in a while. I loved the way this was written and the story it tells. This is not a short read, but also not one of those books that have you skipping paragraphs (sometimes pages) to find stuff relevant to the story. The author does a very good job of letting you get to know the characters in a way that feels natural and flows all in good time. I love that you adds the romance industries struggles into her story, and it is also done in such a way you don’t even realize…I cannot give this book enough praise.” Amazon reviewer the Naughty Librarian

“I loved this story, Ridge is in DC trying to get the government to pass a bill to help veterns health care after his brother died from PTSD. He follows a red headed girl into a romance writers convention, and before he can blink he is dragged to the stage, as they think he is a cover model.” Crystalon

The Men of Honor is a series of standalone novels featuring a different member of this extended military family. They can be read by themselves. They are best enjoyed in this order:




All I Want for Christmas

Men of Honor boxed set 1-3

Beau – Coming May 2018

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