Storm Crazy Bonus Editions (Book 1&2)

Welcome to Destiny, or should I say Middle Earth

Ages ago a pact was made between all the supernatural species – shifters, djinn, dragons, vampires and fae – to protect humans. Just don’t tell the humans…

Enter Middle Earth. You won’t want to leave.

***Storm Crazy is a great intro into the Paramortals world of tempestaeries (storm witches), dragons, shifters vampires and fae. It’s like getting two books for less than one!*** Book five, Take These Broken Wings completes Tempe and Jack’s um…series of epiphanies but the story continues.


Welcome to Destiny, is it Mayberry or Middle Earth?

I’m Tempe Pomeroy, a Paramortal like my family. But if I didn’t have a few little talents, I’d think I was adopted. To say I was having a bad day would be like saying Katrina dropped a little rain on New Orleans. I turned to a human, Sheriff Jack Lang, a hunky ex-Navy pilot who believes he moved to a normal small town – like Mayberry – to raise his teenage daughter. Not. Once he gets wind of my true nature he’ll probably take the first jet out of Middle Earth.

Being the sheriff of a small quaint town like Destiny should have been a dream. Not. When my trouble magnet of a girlfriend turned out to be a storm witch with a djinni for a father and a group of supernaturals—vampires, dragons, witches and fae—for friends, I wasn’t sure I could stay. I had a teenage daughter to consider. I mistakenly thought that was the last straw, but apparently there was another haystack.


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