Men of Honor Box

Men of Honor Box

For for love and country. . .

The Men of Honor heroes are part of a large extended military family and encompasses themes of family, love, and their passion for making a difference. Descriptions of the series include contemporary romance, military romance, romantic suspense and second chance at love.

Ridge “Take ‘em off, Tucker. Tucker. Tucker…” Ridge Romano is an inventor, Ranger, mentor, the consummate planner. So how did he wind up on stage in nothing but his trousers and tie beside two cover models, with a hundred women screaming at him to take it off? It seemed like a recipe for harmless fun. One curious CEO follows a gorgeous redhead onto the conference floor. Add a hundred romance writers at a “meeting”. Toss in some false assumptions. Throw out a lifetime of good behavior and Ridge is up to his Special Forces tattoo in manure. Now to make sure no one finds out…

Luc Luc knows how it looks when the sexy cop and her partner respond to a silent alarm at the grocery where he stopped for a six-pack. Luc’s job with KPI requires certain…attire and equipment.

The tall, dark and deadly looking mercenary Delilah Burke confronts at the robbery scene is sexy as sin, but is he a hero or a con? Then, trouble arrives from his past and Del is faced with a choice to believe the evidence against Luc, or trust her heart.

Nick What happened? He’d been dodging the lightning, fighting the wind and rain, looking for a place to hide…when he’d seen the faint glow in the distance. No one answered he broke in… and there she was, a beautiful Valkyrie. Wielding her sword, she screamed as she struck him—for no good reason—and then everything went black. Everything.

Themes included veterans, amnesia in the storm, disadvantaged teens, stalkers, wounded hero, clairvoyance and undercover danger.

“I have to say this is one of the best written stories I’ve read in a while.” I loved the way this was written and the story it tells. ” “If you are looking for a great book that will make you smile and also keep you on the edge of your seat this is the book to pick.” “Such a great military romance.”

Each can be read by itself but to best enjoy the community and characters, read them in order.




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