Take These Broken Wings

Take These Broken Wings

Strap in ! ‘cause it’s a wild ride through Destiny, or should I say Middle Earth…


Five months ago, Sheriff Jack Lang would have sworn there were no such things as vampires, tempestaeries, djinn or dragons. That was before he met Tempest Pomeroy, his sexy redheaded mail lady and… trouble magnet. He’d fallen for her before he found out about her “special abilities”. But that wasn’t what turned his life upside down.


No, to say Jack’s world had gone FUBAR was like saying Wolverine’s fingernails were long enough for a manicure.

Tempe had been afraid her supernatural nature would be a problem for Jack, who’d mistaken Destiny for a “normal” safe small town, but that didn’t explain why he’d left her in favor of haunting the highest levees in the parish. She knew he’d received a shock, but what was it going to take to get him to return to his life – and to her? A stubborn man is one thing; a grumpy, depressed twenty-ton dragon is a bit more of a challenge…

If you enjoy the Urban Fantasy /Paranormal Cozy worlds of Kristen Painter, Darynda Jones or Molly Harper, try the Destiny Paramortals series. Readers say, “Once you enter the world of Destiny, with all its interesting Paramortal characters, you will never want to leave.”

Here’s what fans say after reading the whole series. 

“WOW…just wow!” 

“Ok, I’m hooked, Give me, give me, give me some more!!!

“Run don’t walk to the buy button. The Destiny Paramortals series is like a mini vacation away from the real world.” 

“Tempest is one of the best paranormal romance heroines I’ve ever read. She’s funny, sarcastic, hard-working and has the power to wield storms with her fingertips.”

“Usually I’m not a great fan of cliffhangers but it was only book one and… this is my new favorite series!”

How would you describe the Paramortals? Destiny is a southern small town community; it’s an urban fantasy paranormal cozy, a world of vampires, fae, dragons, and other supernaturals whose mission is to protect those weaker than themselves. The series features the transformation of Tempest Pomeroy as she comes into her power and Sheriff Jack Lang’s acceptance of his new world. But the series also includes the community of Paramortals, Dylan and Kat, River, Aurora and probably many more.

The books should be read in order.

Storm Crazy

Cry Me a River

Eve of Chaos

Blame it on the Moon

Take These Broken Wings

Blood Moon



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